Computer Networking

Computer networking is a way of connecting several computers. It allows several computers to communicate with each other. There are two different ways in which this can happen. It can be set up to be a permanent arrangement that is fixed with cables or it can be done through a temporary situation such as that of modems.

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Get Connected To Wi-Fi  

Wi-Fi, short for wireless fidelity refers to a set of wireless networking technologies more specifically referred to as any type of 802.11 network, 802.11b and 802.11a, dual band. The word Wi-Fi was built by an organization called the Wi-Fi Alliance. They overlook tests that confirm the production.

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My Inlaws Have Seen The HDTV Light

My wifes mom and dad have been using the same television for the last twelve years.  It's one of those great big floor models and astonishingly enough, it still works.  They have cable but only the near-by stations.  If they weren't huge television viewing fans, I wouldn't care their TV is as old as the hills but they watch it all day long.  They catch their local news in the morning, Wheel of Fortune in the day and then The Late Show at nighttime all on their 70s TV.  .

.I wish they would understand what a nicer television could do for them.  It's not as if they don't have money either.  They were prosperous their whole lifetime.  They made excellent money, provided everything we ever craved and they were fit to quit early.  I just feel that since they made so many sacrifices for us it's time they invest some of their money in their own enjoyment.

.  HD televisions are not that pricy in relation to many added things in life.  They could buy one for a few thousand dollars and they wouldn't even miss it.

  I have taken them to Best Buy a few times to show them the new HDTV and HD pictures on them.  They are both impressed and sometimes it takes a while for me to get them out of the HDTV area. They are in awe, which is why I know they would love it if they had one. . I am not saying they should pitch out their old television because a part of me thinks they have an emotional connection to it.

  They could always move it to the added bedroom and even watch it if one of them wanted to watch something different. .  New change is tough, I know this, and I know they have a hard time accepting new technology like HDTV.

  I asked them if they would like me to buy it for them or if they would be mad if I bought it for them as a present.  They denied both and said they don't need a new television and to stop talking about it. .  A few weeks after they said this to me, their nasty old tv finally died.

They considered getting it worked on but then caved in and bought an HDTV. Would you believe they called me and said they should have bought it years ago?  . .They said the HD image was out of this world and they have no idea how they dealt with the old one for so long.  I didn't tell them, "See what I mean" but I certainly was thinking it.  They now view their new HDTV as they did before but with a whole new appreciation.


John Wilkerson has had the trials and tribulations of finding an HDTV antenna that really works, and if you own a RV, take a look at the all new RV "Picture Frame" antenna for hdtv. Resources: HDTV antenna RV Antenna

Computer Networking

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